Fashion Week Parties

Fashion Week Parties 

….because we really need another reason to go to the club.

This is fashion honey……we don’t have I.D.’s

It’s a Tuesday afternoon, Fashion Month is upon us, and you find yourself returning home from a casting. As you enter the relaxing and humble abode I like to refer to as The Model Apartment, you receive a text simply stating:

“Party Tonight. Dinner at 10. Get ready”

This my Fini followers, is how you know it is fashion week.

For during fashion week there are an obscene amount of fiestas, soirees, and how else can I put it- oh yes- blowouts. It is almost as if the party bug bites everyone in the caboose thus infecting the industry with clubbing virus.





Now one must rally the girls together to make sure you have a team of hot models arriving at the club.



The entire house: “Free food and party?…………….you shouldn’t even be asking. “

For those of you who didn’t know, model’s get to go to the top restaurants and clubs for free. Free five star meals, free entry to top clubs, free drinks, free everything.

Why? Really no one knows. Modellife is one giant ball of make believe life but that is why we love it .

how we feel bout free

I do have my theories though.

1. More models= more rich business men to buy more drinks and food.

2. More models= the prettier your club and restaurant is.

3. Models=more money.

ergo. models can do no wrong in the eyes of the club owner.

and who are we to deny free?

Especially when most of the girls are from over seas and don’t have much money to spend. So when you re offered a free meal and party; its a win win.

I have some helpful rules for this game though

Modellife Rules of going out:

1. NEVER go by yourself.

let me repeat that. NEVER GO BY YOURSELF. WHY? BECAUSE THIS IS NYC AND THAT IS DANGEROUS. Always be in the pack.

Not when you go out you aren't

Not when you go out you aren’t


2. NEVER return home by yourself.

I don’t care if you are exhausted and need to leave, its not safe to be walking the streets alone at 2am.

Wait for the crew to depart together.

Must Stay Awake

Must Stay Awake


and there will always be someone to put you in check.



the one girl whos like

3. DO look your best. MORE IS MORE when you are going out.

You want to look like a model. not a nodel. Nodel’s are not wanted in the clubs. ew.

super duper model

super duper model

4. watch your self and your friends.

do not let anything happen. you know what i’m talking about.

do not get to this point girl. don't do it.

do not get to this point girl. don’t do it.


Lets get back to the evening.

So, you all are ready;nails done, hair done, etc. But, half of your roommates aren’t even out of bed yet. Why? Because models tend to run on their own schedule/ loose track of  time.


No offense to my fellow ladies but if I was ever late to a function, it was not my fault, it was the fault of my fellow pack members.



i really love them though


The process of rounding up the cattle will take at least an hour, so what ever time you were planning to leave, always add an hour to it.   BOOM. after lots of nagging and being the mom you are all ready to go.




Steps to getting to the dinner and or party.


STEP 1: Getting there

Depending on who you are going out with, (promoter, booker, or just a friend…I’ll explain this in a later post) there are different ways you could arrive at your final destination.

Public Transportation and Walking

         This is the most dreadful way to embark on your journey, for there is nothing I loathe more than trudging through the streets of NYC in heels. Why? You try walking miles in heels whilst dodging cars, pedestrians, pigeons, and the occasional pile of dog excrement. The worst is in the winter time because you are walking through the snow and in the cold. #hypothermia



I'm going as fast as I can!

I’m going as fast as I can!


When you go out for the first time during the winter months you will contemplate dressing winter appropriate.

Ergo; fugly and like a snowman. But then the model brain will kick in and you will realize that as long as you look good, nothing else matters. (and i can assure you that once you are outside  for five minutes you will regret every decision you had just made; but will continue to dress the same no matter what the temperature is for future parties) #modellife



whoops see yah later


Easy as pie. Get in, tell the driver where you are going, and make sure he doesn’t screw you over by taking you the long way.


Because …. BLOOP.


i live


******Obviously we all prefer the ladder two*******



Personally I prefer to arrive like this

Personally I prefer to travel like this



Step 2: The Arrival


As you walk up to the  five star, celebrity studded, VIP exclusive club; you will see  a few bouncers, a red velvet rope, a heat lamp, and a long line of people.



Things the average person needs to get into the club:


1. Money- to pay the cover charge

2. ID- to verify your age

3. Good Looks- NYC clubs are as pretentious as they sound.

4. Patience- get ready to stand in line for a LONG time.


Things models/members of the fashion industry need to get into the club :



……………………………….. nothing.




******That’s right, modellife is actually filled with special privileges and  ridiculousness beyond comprehension. ********

As you walk up to the bouncers and long line, the owner of the club and or head honcho of the club will greet you and let you in. Therefore allowing you to cut the line, not pay the cover charge, not deal with anything.

Sometimes you may feel bad about getting to cut the overly long line where  those people have been patiently waiting for over a half an hour in freezing temperatures; but most of the time you will feel like this



how you feel when you cut the line


and this is what you look like




Of course you and your pack will make an entrance as you enter into the club—- THAT is why you are there…… So people know hot models be hitting up dat club, yo .( lol I can’t.)


As you enter the dance floor all eyes will be on you.

The guys will be awing, the bouncers will be getting ready to open the VIP velvet ropes into the exclusive area, and the non model girls who are just trying to have a good time/ find a man will be disgusted by you.

When I say disgusted, i mean disgusted.

Your entire existence makes them want to cry.

how people look at us

(when really we are all just normal people)


The four types of people one shall encounter at the club:  

1. The Elders

AKA the reason you are able to get all this special treatment.

In the NYC night life scene wealthy business men, older men, and just creepy nerdy rich elders go to the clubs in hopes of landing a beautiful young girl. In order to impress such women they spend an insane amount of money on drinks, VIP tables, etc etc.   The more pretty girls in the club, the more rich business men will go to the club, and therefore the more money the club will make.

An encounter with the rich business men is just like a high school dance. Literally your table is all models and right to your left will be a table filled with wealthy business men decked out in suits.

They will awkwardly gawk at you as they try to find a way to start a conversation.

“Are you a model?”

” like your outfit”

“Here, have a drink.”

“You come here alot?”

Seriously, the list is never ending.


I do enjoy how they dance though



The Rich Businessmen getting down

The Rich Businessmen getting down



2. The well connected


The ass hole guys…. you know who i’m talking about.







3.The too cool for school


The amount of swag they possess is unbelievable


ghetto guy


4. The Fashion People








5. The Models


You look like this


models in the club



but the male models are even more attractive and annoying at the clubs. Watch yourself!



I know I'm hot.

I know I’m hot.



Step 3: Dance Party 


NYC clubs have the BEST DJ’s, the music is always incredible, the beat is indescribable, and you will just dance till your little body can dance no more. Sadly, I am that white girl in the club… you know, that girl who thinks she can dance but really its just  a rough situation that needs to go on youtube.




Most of the models dance like this


that other hot bitch in the club




and then there is me




dancing in the club



….. but really ask my roommates. My girl Dieynaba can dance like no other, and then there is me.



meep i'm so awkward

meep i’m so awkward




The Dranks


Obviously  there is alcohol served and lots of it. The main drinks that are served at the club are vodka, vodka, and more vodka. On the table you will find a bottle of orange juice, a bottle of cranberry juice, and a bottle of seltzer water. Then the bottle girl will come over with sparklers and fireworks blaring as she delivers the vodka. It’s all about the entrance people!



the girls


But the business men do tend to order champagne to seem fancy.


even ore


After a fun night of dancing and having fun you will then make your way home.


As soon as your body enters into the model apartment this is what will happen


once you walk into the model apartment



and then the next morning your roommates will be trying to figure out who they danced with.

me to my roommates

me to my roommates


Nonetheless fashion week parties are an amazing experience and SO MUCH FUN!



and always remember …….


and always remeber






P.S. parties are stupid


ppss. Don’t take this too seriously 😉

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It’s Cold Outside 

puppy in snow

Winter, the cold season between autumn and spring in northern latitudes. A time when you can find chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and Model’s freezing to death during Photo Shoots.

Since fashion never sleeps; (neither does modellife ; except post fashion week comas and recuperation periods) it doesn’t matter what temperature it is or what storm is going on outside, if you are booked for a shoot that happens to be outside, you are booked.


Here is how your day is going to play out…….


You arrive at the shoot; hot chocolate in hand, chic scarf delicately wrapped around your slim neck,and you start to prepare yourself mentally to be able to endure the frigid temperatures.

 “Oh, it’s 20° with such a strong wind chill it feels like 10°? I didn’t notice.”

“The cold ain’t got nothin on me!!!!! B*tch I’m HOT.”

“I mean come on, its not THAT cold out, you can do this, you just had three teas and a hot chocolate. Girl, you made your body toasty for at least an hour.”

Now that you have psyched yourself up mentally whilst getting your hair and makeup done, the weather seems minuscule. You even find yourself bragging to the crew about how its not even that cold out and that you would be fine.

whilst getting hair and makeup

First Look 

The time has arrived. You must now vacate the refuge of the heated studio with tea and peanut butter filled pretzels to the unknown; NATURE.

Thankfully the stylist is a saint and has you wearing finger less gloves and a sweater with the dress (you aren’t totally naked, thank god).

As you open the door to meet the photographer in the car to travel to the first location, the heat in your body begins to relinquish from its toasty sanctuary into the obscene weather. With each step on the frozen rubble, regret and panic flood your sane mind, but your model mind will tell you that it’s fine and you can do it!

I'm so conflicted

I’m so conflicted

***For those of you who didn’t know models have two minds, non model mind and model mind. Non model mind tends to be more sane and want to eat cookies all day. Whereas model mind tends to be more spontaneous and want to workout and drink protein shakes all day. ****

Nonetheless you are able to suck it up and are able to get some shots without dying.

Second Look

Back at the warm and cozy sanctuary (the studio), the stylist hands you your next look. This time a little more skin is showing but you have a hat instead of gloves.

Compromise people. Compromise.

OK, you leave the sanctuary and enter the unknown once again. This time it is at a location more wind prone, meaning you are that much colder.

To get through this look you continue to tell yourself why you are doing this and why modellife is worth it.


Third Look 

Non model mind is starting to grab the reins…… all you can think is why am I doing this? I’m going to get pneumonia, am I even getting paid?, where is my agent, where is my phone, is my toe purple?, somebody get me a hot chocolate!!!!!

The stylist brings out your look. A strapless dress……………… with a scarf.


You change into your thousand dollar dress (gorgeous beyond words) and the stylist is as cute as a button thinking of your well being by giving you a scarf even though it doesn’t really go with the dress (thank you <3 ) ; so you plunge into the freezing temperatures.

As you watch each breathe leave your body, you begin to realize you will not be able to physically handle much more of this.

Two things will either happen.

    1. You will go crazy

reaction to cold- crazy





2. You will have no body function left.



good try, but no dice

good try, but no dice

Some how, with your body uncontrollably shaking you finish the look. Even though the photographer kept telling you to stop moving your legs and your response was i’m not. (because you really weren’t, your body was going crazy)


ALMOST DONE. ONE MORE LOOK ONE MORE LOOK. The stylist is pumping you up back at the sanctuary. Non model mind and model mind are in agreement for once, they both say STOP SHOOTING OUTSIDE HALF NAKED. As I look to the stylist for help and assistance, she continues to pump me up and tell me how hot I am.

i look to the team like


ok, last look, GO.

The temperature has dropped another 8 degrees and the sun has almost gone to sleep.

AKA  you don’t want to be outside now. Especially half naked.

So you go to the location, start to shoot, the photographer takes three shots, checks the lighting, and you RUN FOR THE CAR.

that is it. you physically can’t do it anymore. it was too god damn cold.

but my Fini Followers, the photographer/ who ever is in charge of the production will not be feeling what your putting down.

The Photographer/ Art Director of the shoot

The Photographer/ Art Director of the shoot

and somehow you get back out there and shoot your little booty off.   DONE. BOOM.     The worst part of this entire experience is how no one understands how cold it actually is because the entire crew is bundled up in snow gear and insulated jackets, while the model is half naked. So you will constantly hear,” Its not that cold.”


The Crew

The Crew



And when you are freezing and look onto a team of 5/6 people all warm in their jackets and gloves and hats and scarves and coffee and tea and blankets———- it’s so difficult not to be like- GIVE ME WARMTH.


another thing to consider is most model’s have NO body fat, so we are that much colder than you to begin with.   No body fat+ no clothes+ freezing temperatures = Cold Model


The moral of the story is, only shoot in the cold if its absolutely necessary.


The end.







if this is a test shoot, girl I give you props. going out in the freezing temps for no money- you must either need pictures or love the team you are shooting with.

if this is a huge job, i’m sorry but you have to suck it up and not complain at all. If you pass out from being cold then you pass out, but you have to work and be a model…. its your job.




Though shooting in the cold is very difficult, the shots in cold weather will be amazing because when its winter ITS GORGEOUS OUTSIDE. and if you have a great team like I have had every single minute is worth it <3




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Battle Wounds

Battle Wounds

Skin, hair, and feet; all of which are crucial to a Model.

  • Skin; A makeup artist’s canvas, unique, ideally smooth, clean, perfect
  • Hair; A hair stylists canvas,part of a model’s identity, the longer the better
  • Feet; A Model’s means of transportation. AKA CRITICAL to the profession.

These three parts of the body allow a model to do their job and provide a uniqueness to separate one from another.

ex) Karlie’s Cut, Charlotte Free’s colored creation, Cindy Crawford’s Beauty Mark


Sadly, skin, hair, and feet must experience an incredible amount of irritation during Modellife.

This affliction is what I call;  Battle Wounds.

Battle wounds appear on the battle field …..

as in

  • Photo shoots
  • Runway Shows (as in Fashion Week)
  • basically any booking

Each body part has to deal with their own battle wounds, let me explain.


Skin like buttahh

Skin like buttahh

The foundation to a model’s body; nice skin is vital for success in this industry. Without happy, glowing, and healthy skin you can kiss your career BUHBYE. Ever see a zitted out model get a beauty campaign? Nope. What about a girl with scars? Sadly no :( Hey what about some discoloration? MAYBE. its not a deal breaker, but definitely is not a plus. * now there are always exceptions. But in general girls with skin flaws are passed on because in this industry there is always someone taller, thinner, prettier, and possess better skin. *   Let’s pretend we all have perfect skin (in our dreams), modeling will cause some dissatisfactory substances to appear on it. Acne, Discoloration, Irritation, Dryness, Oily- ness- Skin Battle Wounds are THE WORST.

my face hurts

my face hurts

They are the worst because your face is the first thing a casting director looks at, and if you have undesirable skin, you will be less bookable. Modeling causes one’s skin to become very angry and rebel;because it is constantly being forced to absorb chemicals, irritants, and oils = makeup, makeup wipes, dirty brushes….. Hey, if someone was shoving an unknown object into you, you would rebel too. But skin’s rebellion most commonly appears in the form of acne.   Yes. Acne.

No, I do not want pimples. Thank you

No, I do not want pimples. Thank you

Modeling causes your skin to FREAK OUT. Especially fashion week. Every day, multiple times a day, you are getting makeup put on, taken off, put on, taken off………..   At first your skin will feel special, like this

I'm perfect

I’m perfect

but by the end of fashion week your skin will feel like this

I hate everyone.

I hate everyone.

You can do everything in your power to avoid skin battle wounds, but it is inescapable.   Good Luck Models. *no nasty pimple gifs…. you’re welcome ;)*


perfect hair     Hair is one of the most memorable characteristics of a model. Whether it be long hair, short hair, no hair….. hair makes a statement. In modellife hair stylists love girls with long, lush, and healthy hair like Victoria’s Secret Models. (now some VS Models..scratch that.. most VS models have extensions, but in an ideal world, all models would have VS hair). Those with hair similar to a VS model are a step above the rest! For healthy strong hair isn’t something you can get over night, it takes time, effort, and genetics. Model’s hair+heads, go through A LOT of pain. and when i say a lot, I MEAN A LOT. Every day, sometimes multiple times a day, your hair will be pulled ,pushed, man handled by 3 people at once, ripped out, tugged on, braided, unbraided, dyed, bleached, cut, burned, trimmed,and the worst TEASED   OMG. When a model see’s the teasing comb coming we cry inside. Teasing not only hurts your head, but it KILLS and damages your hair.

experience the tease

experience the tease

Though it looks amazing, the aftermath is detrimental. Re-leaving your hair of the tease takes a whole lot of shine spray and about an entire bottle of heavy duty conditioner. Ladies, Conditioner will become your new best friend for it will almost bring your hair back to life. After fashion week or a stunt of many shoots, your hair will begin to break and shed because it has endured a lot of trauma and needs to regrow.   Basically, your hair breaks up with your head   its over     Hair battle wounds are painful but not deadly. Casting directors understand that most models have thin and brittle hair. (My fellow thick haired ladies have it made 😉 )




This my Fini Followers is the most important model secret in this post-



yes, you read that right, no one cares what size your foot is, they will put you in any size they want.

This is the cause of feet battle wounds.

My first NYFW show, I’m backstage, have my size 10 boots on (let me just say that my actual size is an 11 but I have to lie and say 10 or no one would book me because 11 is too big for feet #Modelproblems) and I’m ready to hit the runway. 3 minutes before I am about to go out the designer looks at me and goes “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? TAKE THOSE BOOTS OFF, PUT THESE ON.”

“What size are they? I’m a 10.”- my response

“8’s, put them on now!”

ok three sizes too small fits.

ok three sizes too small fits.

So, the assistant literally SHOVES my feet into the boots and i am pushed onto the runway with untied 3 sizes too small high heeled boots for my first ever NYFW runway show. and I didn’t fall.

getting your feet forced into small sizes  causes broken toes, blisters, scars, broken toe nails,and lots of pain.

AKA Feet Battle Wounds.

The moral of the story is this, no one cares what size your shoe is. Whether it be a 7,8,9… no one cares. You will have to force your feet into what ever size they give you and that’s that.


the struggle is real

the struggle is real



Battle Wounds are merely a part of modellife. Every profession has its problems and sacrifices, and this is one of modeling.


and let me tell you, its worth it.

miley wink






Have you ever experienced a battle wound? Comment below.

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